Can anyone go on the Big Gay Fun Bus to West Wendover?

Since this is a trip to a casino, riders must be 21 years of age or older.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I’m straight. Can I go?

Of course! Expect to be abused, ridiculed and offended — but if you are up for that, we’d LOVE to have you along.

What should I bring on the bus?

  • Please bring whatever you might want to drink along the way (we have free bottles of water available as well),
  • any munchies for the 2-hour drive each way.
  • jacket? Wendover’s weather is very similar to Salt Lake, except that it is almost always breezy. You can stay in the casino we stop at — Montego Bay — and go across the sky bridge to the Wendover Nugget. There are shuttles that go to each casino on a loop. If you are generally cold in public places, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket might be good to have. Larger coats will be too bulky to stay in the several hours we are there.
  • If you look younger, it might be smart to bring an I.D. You must be 21 to get on the bus and to go to the casino.
  • Some small bills to spend on the bus for bingo, etc. and a tip for the driver and host.
  • Oh! and a smile. Don’t forget that.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?

Yes. Believe it or not, Utah allows such things on buses, as long as our drivers don’t partake. It is against Utah law, however to drink on the bus on the way back to the bar.

What all do I get for the price of my ticket?

You get:

  • A funtabulous trip to and from West Wendover, Nevada
  • $7 in free play
  • A free drink coupon
  • A free buffet lunch or dinner
  • Lucky buck coupons
  • Other discounts while in Wendover
  • Water on the bus

Will I get a ticket in the mail or something?

No. All seats are will-call at the bus. If you received an email confirmation of your ticket order, you are on the list. You may, if concerned, print that email out and bring it.

Will there be bingo on the bus?

Yes, there will! Called by the Matrons of Mayhem. Bingo boards are $5 for the entire ride (usually about 6 games) and you can win great prizes, such as tickets to Salt Lake City arts performances, $25 restaurant certificates, kitsch and klatch, themed sexy prize packages and a grand prize that often includes a spa package and/or hotel stay.

What if I’m late for the bus?

Out of respect for the other ticket-holders, we will leave on schedule. If your seat is sold, you can request a refund for your purchase price, minus credit card or Paypal fees. Otherwise, your ticket is non-refundable. Please show up on time.

Where does the money go?

All proceeds go to the Q Cares Foundation, run by QSaltLake. Money is used to help various gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender non-profit organizations.

I see there is a ticket fee from QTix. Do I have to pay that?

To avoid the ticket fee, you can pay with cash, check, money order or credit card in person at Club Try-Angles, 251 W 900 S, during their business hours. Make checks out to QSaltLake.

How often do you run the Big Gay Fun Bus?

We run a bus every 6 weeks or so from October through April.

Where do I park?

Club Try-Angles, at 251 W 900 South, has been kind enough to offer their parking lot for these trips. Please park at the far end of the lot, as far from the door as possible, to allow their patrons closer access to the bar.

Can I use Frontrunner and Trax?

Yes! The 9th South Trax station is about a block away from Try-Angles. Front Runner will take you to the Salt Lake Central Station, and the Green and Blue lines will get you directly to the 900 South station. From the south, all trains will get you to the 900 South station.

Can I leave things on the bus?

Yes, the bus stays with us in Wendover for the whole trip. There is no access to the bus, however, between the time we get there until it stages to pick us up again. We are not responsible for any loss or theft of items you leave on the bus.

What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds or an exchanges for another trip will be given to any ticket we are able to resell if we are made aware you are unable to make it at least 96 hours before the trip leaves. Within 96 hours prior to the bus leaving, no refunds or exchanges are available. You may, however, sell or give your ticket to someone else.

What about wheelchairs and other special needs?

The Big Gay Fun Bus is always happy to accommodate those with special needs when possible. We love that all people can and do feel welcome on our trips, and we are proud of our history of assisting those in wheelchairs and people who are blind and/or deaf. Collapsible wheelchairs can be put in the luggage area below for those who can enter the bus with assistance. When we have availability 48 hours before a trip of the 8 seats lost to a wheelchair ramp, we will gladly request such a bus if other accommodations are not possible.